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System and Software Development

Berryzyl's commitment to custom software development extends beyond national boundaries. We work closely with IT staff and end-users throughout each project phase, providing unwavering support, comprehensive system documentation, thorough training, and a reliable system warranty.

Custom software development for businesses is limitless. Any business need can be met with a unique software solution tailored to achieve specific goals. Berryzyl takes a consultative approach with each client, carefully understanding their objectives, developing a roadmap to success, and ultimately building highly functional and innovative software solutions that seamlessly align with their goals.

As a professional software design company dedicated to custom software development, Berryzyl empowers businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Your vision is our mission, and we are committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

Investment Portfolio Management Platform

We Save provides professional advisors with personalized investment solutions to help their clients achieve their financial goals. By combining transparency, honesty, hard work, and sophisticated index tracking algorithms, We Save offers an unparalleled service for intentional investing.

School Website Design, website Development Kampala Uganda

The CEO of We Save engaged Berryzyl to develop a software platform that would be easy for investment advisors to use and would empower investors to align their values with their investment portfolios.

Our Solution

Starting with this UX foundation, Berryzyl designed and built a two-sided web application, for both Administrators and Investment Advisors.
A complex configuration experience centered on personalized investment preferences is followed by a dashboard that reports on each investor’s configuration.
We completed the integration of their proprietary portfolio optimizer by developing a custom API.

School Website Design, website Development Kampala Uganda

Point of Sale System (POS)

Efficiently monitoring customer orders and sales should be a seamless task, with order processing requiring minimal time to complete.

At Berryzyl, we create systems that assist you in streamlining your order process, ensuring it's swift and efficient, allowing you more time to cater to a larger customer base.

Our Solution

We customize the POS system to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that everything aligns perfectly with your needs.