Maylean Patrick

C.O.O - Berryzyl ICT | Senior Front End Developer - Nuxt Js | Vue 3 | Javascript | PHP | Python | HTML5 | CSS

Maylean Patrick, in his role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Berryzyl, played a pivotal role in various aspects of the company's website development department, particularly in handling key clients such as Safari Global Services, Saftech, Sunmoyo, Casa Sean Boutique Hotel, and M. Bukenya International. He executed the following responsibilities and tasks:

Maylean was responsible for developing and executing the company's strategic plans and goals related to website development, specifically tailored to the needs of Safari Global Services, Saftech, Sunmoyo, Casa Sean Boutique Hotel, and M. Bukenya International. This involved setting the direction for the web development services offered to these clients, identifying target markets, and exploring growth opportunities specific to each client.

One notable breakthrough achieved by Maylean Patrick, as the COO of Berryzyl, was with Sunmoyo, a key client in the website development department. Under Maylean's leadership, a website development initiative for Sunmoyo resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in sales.

Through strategic planning and collaboration with the Sunmoyo team, Maylean and his team conceptualized and implemented website enhancements that significantly improved the user experience and drove sales growth. These enhancements included optimizing the website's design, implementing personalized recommendations and enhancing overall website performance.

The successful implementation of these improvements led to a substantial 40% increase in Sunmoyo's sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of the website development strategies employed. This breakthrough achievement showcased Maylean's ability to leverage website development as a powerful tool to drive business growth and generate tangible results for key clients like Sunmoyo.

Maylean Patrick

Senior Front-End Developer - Nuxt Js | Vue 3 | Javascript | PHP | Python | HTML5 | CSS

• Implemented an entire website using Nuxt Js | Vue Js framework and firebase creating a delightful user experience for users to easily access news and engage on the exciting articles.

• Increased website traffic by 60% leading to a 40% increase in Ads revenue, implemented SEO using Nuxt.js a framework that embeds Vue.js framework, I was able to generate server-side rendered web pages on a Node.js server and send a fully rendered page to the client, the client pages generated had all the necessary meta tags, sitemaps, and robots.txt generated that eased tracking of content by the Google Bots.

• Implemented website mobile responsiveness using Vuetify material design framework leading a 28% customer retention as users find the website friendly and easy to navigate. • Implemented media play that’s radio and TV on the website that increase website traffic by 30% using Vue Js framework

• Implemented firebase push notifications targeting mobile users subscribing to given topics in dart using flutter framework leading to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction as annoying notifications were now eliminated


Safari Global Services was founded to create a better way for people and businesses to ship freight.
The predictability of managed services allows you to accurately forecast revenue, profits, labor requirements, scalability requirements and even planned expansion.The ability to predict puts you in control of your destiny
Sunmoyo brings innovation, expertise and passion, operating as the project developer, identifying clients and selecting the most suitable Australian Engineering expertise...
Casa Seán is a family owned and run Luxury Boutique Hotel in Uganda only a few minutes drive from both Entebbe airport and Kampala, the capital.